Why Is Location So Important in Real Estate?

Why Is Location So Important in Real Estate?
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Why is location so important to consider?

Location is so important in real estate because at the end of the day it’s all about location. The better the location, the better the profit you can achieve.

How does location affect your returns?

Location affects your return because in a better location you can typically demand a higher sales price.

At the end of the day, labor and materials are generally the same, no matter what the location is throughout a city, but if it’s in a better neighborhood you’ll be able to get a better bang for your buck. It’s all about, also, buying right. Real estate- you can make your money when you buy and not when you sell.

If you buy correctly in a better neighborhood, you can expect a greater return.

Why is it worth it to spend a little bit more on a better area?

The main reason you want to spend a little more to get a better location, yes it means most likely better profit and returns, but it’s also about better timing. If you’re in a better neighborhood and the quicker you can get that property back on the market to sell, generally it will sell quicker. Thus, less whole costs for you. Thus, returning to your bottom line.

What are the three qualities of a location that make a good location?

There are a number of qualities that make a location better than the other. But to me, the three biggest preschool systems, walkability, and amenities.

School Systems

Why are school systems so important? The typical person who purchases a home generally is someone who has a family including small children. They’re going to want their children to go to the best school they possibly can. Thus, better school systems generally demand a higher value.


Walkability is a great attribute to have these days, especially with the younger generation who doesn’t want to be tethered to a car. Being able to walk to restaurants and walk to parks and things of that nature really drives up the quality of the location.


To me a third quality to look for in a location is amenities. What do I mean by amenities? Similar to walkability, which they go hand in hand, does the neighborhood have restaurants you can walk to? What about parks? What about playgrounds?

Again, are the elementary schools walkable? Those are the type of amenities people are looking for when purchasing their home. They want to be able to walk the neighborhood, have amenities they can walk to, and feel safe and secure.

How can BMC help you once you have found a flip in a great area?

Once you find that house that you want to do a fix and flip on in that great location, we’re here to help you with the next step, which is preparing the application, doing your due diligence, and making your dreams come true.

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