New BMC Look, Same BMC Values

New BMC Look, Same BMC Values
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New BMC Look, Same BMC Values. 2018 was a great year for Bay Mountain Capital. It saw us hire valuable new members, significantly increase our AUM, and lower our interest rates. There’s no doubt that 2018 was one of the best yet for BMC.

We also took a long, introspective look into the company. We examined not only how we market ourselves, but also how we can enhance the overall experience for our borrowers.

This self-reflection has led us to make significant, positive, and much-needed changes to the BMC website. As such, we’re so excited to share those with you.

Why Did We Change The Website?

It had been several years since the BMC website had undergone any significant changes. During that time, BMC as a business has changed in a number of ways.

When the website was last updated, roughly 90 percent of our customer base was residential borrowers. As a result, our website was designed to service that large portion of our audience.

As our commercial lending business grew, we received feedback from potential borrowers. We found that our website did not accurately reflect the capabilities present in the commercial side of our business. Specifically, finding information relevant to commercial borrowers was cumbersome.

The new BMC website enhances the user experience for both residential and commercial borrowers. When a visitor accesses the new website, greeting them will be the prominently shown three distinct links – residential, commercial and broker – to facilitate the process of finding the most relevant information for their needs.

As a whole, we’ve optimized the site to remove the clutter of text-heavy pages with a more contemporary and simple appearance that best conveys our company’s core values and the services we offer to our wide-range of borrowers.

The result is a new BMC look that is more professional and a better resource for everyone, including our own staff and prospective and current borrowers.

What’s Ahead For BMC?

A website redesign is a large undertaking for any company and one that we’ve gone through very carefully at BMC. But our efforts won’t stop with this new website launch.

Moving forward, we’ll look to further optimize the content on our website by focusing on video resources. In addition to updating the current videos on our website, we’ll also launch video blogs for a more immersive user experience.

Our plan to include video blogs will help accommodate those who would rather see and hear a discussion on the blog topic, rather than reading through a post. We also look at this as a valuable relationship building opportunity for our staff and audience. Not only will viewers get to know our staff better, but it will offer a great way for potential borrowers to further understand and trust how we leverage our industry experience and company core values to help them accomplish their real estate investment goals.

Our borrowers are at the heart of everything we do. Last year, we focused on reflection and preparation, and we’re excited to see all of that groundwork finally come to fruition as we strive to reach our goals for 2019 and become the go-to private real estate lender for any borrower.

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