3 Tips for a Smooth Due Diligence Process

3 Tips for a Smooth Due Diligence Process
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What is the due diligence process?

So the due diligence process is the time between when you get a property under contract and your earnest money goes hard.

Generally, it can last anywhere from a week to thirty days, depending upon the size of the actual asset. It allows you time to inspect the asset and make sure you’re making an informed buy, before actually having any money go hard.

Why is the due diligence process an important part of your real estate investment?

The due diligence process is a very important part of the real estate investing process. It allows you to get a property under contract without fear of losing the property while you do your research and make an informed decision on the purchase of that project. Without the due diligence process, and with the amount of capital that’s involved in real estate investing, it would be a high-risk situation.

What are some tips for making the due diligence process go more smoothly?

The three main tips that I always tell my real estate investor is first and foremost, know your market. Second is how your own personal capabilities. And third, know your timeline. Time kills all deals.

Know Your Market

So know your market- what do I mean? Understand what sells in your market. Understand what they buyers inside that market are looking for. The last thing you want to do is to overbuild a project that you can’t sell or get the money that you spent back out of it.

Know Your Capabilities

Know your capabilities. Understand what you’re getting into and what you’re capable of. If this is your first flip, look for something that’s an easy cosmetic. Paint, new carpet, new flooring, new appliances. Don’t go into your first flip trying to move walls or add square footage. Understand your capabilities.

Know Your Timeline

Know your timeline. At the end of the day, time kills all deals. And understand what it takes to do the type of scope of work that you’re trying to accomplish with your fix and flip. At the end of the day, you want to make sure it’s done in a timely manner so that you can get it back on the market and sold quickly. Thus, not having the carry costs month after month.

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