Protecting Borrowers [VIDEO] Featuring Eric Moore

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Protecting Borrowers

Protecting Borrowers

In our latest video, we sit down with our Southeast and Central Texas Investments Associate, Eric Moore, once again to discuss how we as lenders try to protect our borrowers. Learn more about how Bay Mountain Capital can help you achieve your real estate goals. To learn more about Eric, check out his profile on our Team page.

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About Bay Mountain Capital:

Bay Mountain Capital has been in business for more than a decade, closing over 2,2500 loans. We specialize in financing all types of residential and commercial property investments throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Georgia. Using common sense and value-added approach, we strive to incorporate these principles into our underwriting and closing processes.

As a direct lender, Bay Mountain Capital can close a loan within one day after receiving a complete file and clear title. The residential loan process generally takes two weeks. However, we can accelerate the process where circumstances require it.

We are primarily an asset-based lender, which means that qualification requirements are limited. Our rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry.


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