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January 18, 2017

Bay Mountain Capital Hits $200 Million Mark

DALLAS, Texas, June 3, 2016 — Bay Mountain Capital is a direct lender that provides short term financing to real estate investors. Since opening their doors in 2009, the company has originated over 1,500 loans totaling more than $200 million on residential and commercial properties.
December 1, 2016

Bay Mountain Capital Launches Mortgage Pool Fund

Dallas, TX, April 1, 2014 - Bay Mountain Capital LLC (“BMC”) is pleased to announce the formation of its first mortgage pool fund to meet the capital demands of its growing private lending business. Bay Mountain Fund I LLC (the “Fund’) launched on April 1st of this year as a diversified mortgage pool and asset-based fund with the principle objective to invest conservatively in small balance real loans.
August 18, 2016

Investing in Bay Mountain Fund I

Bay Mountain Capital provides short-term bridge loans, also known as hard money, to opportunistic real estate entrepreneurs who need high leverage and fast execution. Since we often lend on distressed real estate, we make loans that conventional lenders won’t make. We are able to charge high interest rates and turn these loans over quickly to improve our yield. We have consistently provided double digit returns to the investors who have helped fund our business, and we have never lost a dollar of principle on any single loan. Our success is due in large part to the experience of our team. Each partner has over 20 years of experience in the areas of real estate, finance, accounting, and business analysis. Experience, backed up by our track record, is what sets us apart.