Investing in Bay Mountain Fund I

Investing in Bay Mountain Fund I
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“Bay Mountain Fund I is open to accredited investors only, with a minimum investment size of $100,000.”


Bay Mountain Capital provides short-term bridge loans, also known as hard money, to opportunistic real estate entrepreneurs. Often times, these borrowers need high leverage and fast execution. Since we typically lend on distressed real estate, we make loans that conventional lenders won’t make. As such, we are able to charge high interest rates and turn these loans over quickly to improve our yield. We have consistently provided double digit returns to the investors who have helped fund our business. Additionally, we have never lost a dollar of principle on any single loan. Our success is due in large part to the experience of our team. Each partner has over 20 years of experience in the areas of real estate, finance, accounting, and business analysis. Experience, backed up by our track record, is what sets us apart.

On April 1, 2014, we launched a pooled mortgage income fund called Bay Mountain Fund I in order to provide a more efficient means of growing our lending platform. The fund’s strategy is to originate 1st lien loans secured by non-owner occupied single family, multifamily, and commercial properties as well as land. We generally use loan proceeds for acquisition and rehab of properties, and a typical exit strategy is a sale of the property or a refinancing with a conventional long-term loan. Typical sizing of our loans is between 60% and 75% of completed value and we hold back any rehab or construction dollars until the work is performed and inspected.

About Our Underwriting

The most critical aspect of Bay Mountain Capital is the quality of underwriting. With each loan submission, we obtain detailed information about the property, business plan, and borrower. Maintaining a safe margin of equity in each transaction and structuring deals with recognition of the risk involved has been and will always be the biggest key to our performance.

With respect to fund governance, we have extensive experience working with outside investors. We provide regular communication about fund operations and operate with transparency regardless of the circumstances. We also have an advisory board comprised of four prominent Dallas business leaders who provide advice and guidance on fund strategy and operations.

The fund is structured in a way that aligns our interests as closely as possible with those of our investors. On a risk adjusted basis, we believe these investments will outperform those of most alternatives. Bay Mountain Fund I is open to accredited investors only with a minimum investment size of $100,000.

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