DIY or Hire a Contractor For Your Next Fix and Flip?

DIY or Hire a Contractor For Your Next Fix and Flip?
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Preparing a rehab budget as part of your loan application paperwork may be one of the most critical elements in your fix and flip strategy. 

It’s the place where you’ll have the opportunity to maximize the return on every penny or hemorrhage enough cash to jeopardize your project. The primary decision to make before filing your loan application is whether to DIY or hire a contractor to do the work necessary to bring your property to market. 

Choosing one or the other can affect the speed and quality of your fix and flip. 


DIY or Hire: Why Should You (Not) DIY a Project?

If the project is one that directly draws on your experience and skill, you may be tempted to do it yourself, thinking you can do it in less time and for less money. You know how you want the finished repair or remodel to look, and you want to make sure you’re keeping your budget in check. But even the most skilled DIYer isn’t a professional tradesman across all home repair and remodeling services. 

A contractor knows how to transform your vision into reality by assembling a talented team prepared to quickly repair and remodel your fix and flip within the budget you set. Even if you know how to hang drywall and have done it a few times, use a site like to find the best contractor for your job. They will have the team to get your projects done faster with a flawless finish.

Your potential buyers might not actively appreciate it but you can bet they’d spot a poor job from a mile away.


Why Should You Hire a Contractor? 

Paying a contractor can be costly. If you’re trying to keep your fix and flip’s budget down, it may seem like frivolous spending to bring on someone to do work that you could complete yourself. Forgoing a contractor could mean that you end up spending more money in the long run, due to materials costs, unforeseen problems, potential delays, and the quality of your results.

Contractors also know how to take a property owner’s vision and translate it into high-quality repairs and beautiful remodels within strict budgets. They know where it’s possible to reasonably trim the budget without affecting the final result and more importantly, where cutting corners isn’t wise. 


Reason #1 to Hire a Contractor: Their Experience

A contractor is a seasoned professional who does the kind of work you need all day, every day, and has seen it all. With a broad range of experience across properties, your contractor is likely to pick up on potential problems that you won’t notice until you’re too far into the project, and have no choice but to start over or majorly re-work your plans, costing time and money. 

Consider how much time it would take for you to measure, buy, assemble, and hang your own gutter system versus how long it would take for a professional gutter repair team to complete the project. That’s because a gutter repair team does this work daily and they operate like a well-oiled machine. 

Each member of a contractor’s team has a role and they know it inside and out so they can work with speed and efficiency.


Reason #2 to Hire a Contractor: Warranties

Good contractors stand by their work. When you have a potential buyer for your fix and flip property, they’ll want warranties or reports on the electrical, plumbing and HVAC system. 

No matter how stellar your work is, if you DIY repairs to any of these major household systems, no one is just going to take your word on the quality or accuracy of the repairs. 

Buyers want the peace of mind that only the workmanship, warranties, and reports from a licensed tradesman can provide. 


Reason #3 to Hire a Contractor: Cost

While it may be impossible to anticipate every cost down to the penny in a rehab budget, a good contractor can help you develop a reliable budget that represents the true costs of your repair and remodel in labor, materials, and time.

The more accurately you can structure your rehab budget, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to receive timely draw requests. Remember, draw requests are only paid out after an inspector approves the work anyway, so not having a professional contractor as part of your team opens you up to the lender’s inspector seeing incomplete or inaccurate work that you could have avoided. Not only does that hold up your funds but could cost you more to fix. 

The decision to DIY or hire a contractor when it comes to your fix and flip can have a significant impact on the overall viability of your loan application. As your trusted fix and flip partner, we’re here to advise you when making important budget decisions for your loan application, such as explaining the benefits of hiring a contractor for remodeling and repair work. Reach out to Bay Mountain Capital today and let’s discuss the best way to reach your fix and flip goals within your timeline and budget.


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