Bay Mountain Capital Welcomes New Southeast Single Family Loan Originator Chip Cagle

Bay Mountain Capital Welcomes New Southeast Single Family Loan Originator Chip Cagle
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Bay Mountain Capital is pleased to welcome Chip Cagle to the team as their newest single-family loan originator serving the Southeast. Chip is a graduate of The University of Tennessee, where he studied Math and Computer Science. While Chip has previously worked as a computer consultant, he also brings a wealth of experience in real estate and real estate investment.

In the mid-2000s, Chip began investing in real estate part-time. Then, four years ago, Chip began to move away from his work within the world of computer consulting to become a real estate investing lender. He finally made the jump to lending full-time a few years later.

With the knowledge he gained in his time working as a real estate investing lender, as well as his hands-on experience owning rental properties and completing fix and flips, Chip has a great understanding of the real estate industry. In addition to being a lender, Chip also understands how to be an investor, both of which will be great assets in his new role with Bay Mountain Capital. He remains actively involved in the real estate community and has continued to network with other real estate professionals and investors, another factor which is sure to be a great asset in his work as a single-family loan originator for Bay Mountain Capital. 

“We are excited to welcome Chip to the team. His extensive experience and knowledge, particularly in the Southeast region, will help us to continue serving lenders in that market,” said Will Dyer, Chief Investment Officer at Bay Mountain Capital.


In his work as a single-family loan originator for Bay Mountain Capital, Chip’s tasks will involve identifying new loans and potential loans and contacting borrowers to help ensure the loan process is moving forward as smoothly as possible, offering his assistance when needed. Chip will also work with brokers who are involved in the loan process. As individuals pay off loans, he will contact borrowers and brokers to learn if and when they may be interested in future loans. With his real estate experience, he will be able to go and see properties, including those being considered for loans and those currently in loans to ensure they are progressing.

You can learn more about the talented individuals working for Bay Mountain Capital by visiting the Team Page!

About Bay Mountain Capital:

Bay Mountain Capital has been in business for more than a decade, closing approximately 2,000 loans. We specialize in financing all types of residential and commercial property investments throughout Texas and Georgia. Using common sense and value-added approach, we strive to incorporate these principles into our underwriting and closing processes.

As a direct lender, Bay Mountain Capital can close a loan within one day after receiving a complete file and clear title. The process generally takes two weeks for a residential loan but can be accelerated where circumstances require it.

We are primarily an asset-based lender, which means that qualification requirements are limited. Our rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry.

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