$200 Million Mark Hit by Bay Mountain Capital

$200 Million Mark Hit by Bay Mountain Capital
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$200 Million Mark Hit by Bay Mountain Capital

Bay Mountain Capital is a direct lender that provides short term financing to real estate investors. Since opening their doors in 2009, the company has originated over 1,500 loans. This totals more than $200 million on residential and commercial properties.

Bay Mountain Capital deals in hard money. This helps real estate professionals who don’t have the time, credit, or capability to use bank financing. We base these loans on the value of the property upon completion, including any proposed improvements to the real estate. This often allows for higher leverage than a bank may offer. The company is actively lending in all of the major markets in Texas, as well as in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Our goal is to enable real estate entrepreneurs to swiftly acquire property and execute their business plans. We do this with a simple, common sense process and we strive to add value to each transaction with our depth of knowledge and experience. If you are a real estate borrower looking for hard money, we are confident we can help.” Dean Lontos, managing partner, said.

Bay Mountain Fund I LLC

Bay Mountain Capital also provides an investment opportunity with Bay Mountain Fund I LLC, A Regulation D securities offering which is open to accredited investors with a minimum investment of $100,000. Since the fund launched in April of 2014, the annualized return to fund members has been over 12%.

The company recently launched a new website, which provides more robust functionality and information about Bay Mountain and its lending activities for both borrowers and investors, as well as an online application for borrowers.

Phil Sanchez, who works in finance, legal, and investor relations, said, “Our borrowers need capital now to make deals. As an investor, our new website has more features and information to assist you in making the correct choice for your investment. We are thrilled to move into the new year with this new tool for our clients.”

Bay Mountain Capital continues to grow their company and provide capital to investors in the real estate market, as well as provide investment opportunities to qualified individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios.

About Bay Mountain Capital

Bay Mountain Capital has been in business for more than a decade, closing over 2,250 loans. We specialize in financing all types of residential and commercial property investments throughout Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Using a common sense and value-added approach, we strive to incorporate these principles into our underwriting and closing processes.

As a direct lender, Bay Mountain Capital can close a loan within one day after receiving a complete file and clear title. The process generally takes two weeks for a residential loan, but can we can accelerate this where circumstances require it.

We are primarily an asset-based lender, which means that qualification requirements are limited. Our rates, fees, and terms are among the most competitive in the industry.

Have you had a great experience with us already? Drop us a review and tell us about your experience.

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