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Our Story

Why Choose Bay Mountain Capital

Welcome to Bay Mountain Capital – your source for both capital and real estate expertise. We’re a direct lender that provides financing to real estate investors that is easy to obtain and quick to close. Our principals here have extensive experience in all facets of real estate, so we can frequently add value to your investment decision making process.

Bay Mountain Capital has been making loans since 2009, and since then we’ve made loans on more than 1500 residential and commercial properties. We fill an important niche for real estate professionals who, for any of a number of different reasons, do not have the time, credit or capability of using bank financing. Our loans are based primarily on the completed value of your property, including any proposed improvements, which generally allows for higher leverage than a bank could offer.

We lend on many different property types and situations and are active primarily in the major markets of Texas. About half of our business is focused on non-owner-occupied single family homes. The rest of our business is for a variety of multi-family and commercial properties, including retail, office and other income producing assets. Our funds are used for a variety of purposes including acquisition and renovation, bridge to a refinance or sale, or even cash out on an investment property.

Borrowing from Bay Mountain Capital is a fast and easy process. We use a simple, common sense approach and we get your deal closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe that our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to understand the keys drivers of value. At Bay Mountain Capital, we are dedicated to being more than just a lender – we are your partner and together we will make your real estate transaction a success.

Educational Blogs

Bay Mountain’s Educational Collection

Novice and veteran real estate investors: check out our blogs, videos, articles, press releases, and tutorials to ensure your next real estate investment is set up for success.

  • There are many opportunities to invest in real estate, but few that offer a clear and consistent investment strategy with proven results. Bay Mountain Capital not only offers this, they are a team of highly talented individuals who love what they do and care about the people who entrust them with their money. For me, Bay Mountain Capital offers a risk/reward that is second to none.
    Clint N.
  • I appreciate all that your team at Bay Mountain has done for me and your attentiveness always proves to be ‘above and beyond’!
    Mike H.
  • I would like to mention that I have had a great experience with Wayne Corley and Angie Arrington. They have been very cordial, professional and extremely helpful. I also want to mention that the new system for proof of funds letters is a great system and makes things easier for everyone.
    Canda V.
  • You guys have been just wonderful to work with. And I am not just blowing smoke. a little feedback here coming from a guy who has been a broker for decades and dealt with many hard money lenders  - I don’t believe I have run across such efficiency where everyone is proactive with emails, everyone is copied on emails, the follow up is there, and the speed is there. Just really impressed. It’s been so smooth. I look forward to doing more deals with you all.
    Jeff K.
  • I have been a real estate investor for over 20 years in the Dallas area. I have dealt with many different Hard Money lenders during that time and I would have to say the service I received from Bay Mountain is at the top of the list. On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being outstanding, I would rate Bay Mountain a 9.9. I just want to say thanks to Angie, Rachel, Wayne, Daniel and everyone that works there, and I hope to work with you all again.
    Gregory D.
  • I have invested with Bay Mountain Capital since 2013, first through individual loan participations, and later in their fund, and have been impressed with the professionalism of all involved, the personalized reporting, and most importantly, the consistency and rate of my return on investment.
    Rod D.
  • Before one can truly take a measure of someone that you trust with your investment dollars, it takes time, multiple deals, and seeing how the team handles the inevitable challenges.  I have now had the luxury of all those elements in my investments with Bay Mountain Capital, and I can say without hesitation that these folks put their investors first, have the utmost integrity and deliver solid performance.
    Mark B.